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Lisa Conway Releases Retail Coaching Book

Author, educator, salon owner and industry expert Lisa Conway, of Zing Salon Coaching, has unveiled her new book, titled Your Salon Retail. The book is marketed as a simple, no-nonsense guide for salon owners to master the always-enigmatic facet of their business – retail!

The book will transform the way salon owners think about not just retail, but their clients, product rep and own business, as Lisa explains the how, why, who and when of retail. The book contains a myriad of tips in chapters dedicated to helping your staff sell, personal approaches, product company relationships and more.

Lisa boasts over 30 years of experience in the hair industry, utilising her know-how from years on the salon floor to close the gap between what salons deliver and what clients want. Her previous books (The Naked Salon and Your Salon Team) have reshaped businesses, teams and salon owner’s leadership qualities.

“Lisa is one of those people who knows her industry incredibly well,” business author Andrew Griffiths wrote on the book jacket. “Her no-nonsense approach to writing and coaching her salon clients is getting extraordinary results around Australia. Watch Lisa in front of a crowd – sharing her own story, her own trials, tribulations and successes – and it’s impossible not to love and adore her. Her brutal honesty comes with a cheeky grin, but the home truths Lisa delivers are exactly what the industry needs.”

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