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Sam James-Cockayne’s Perfectly Broken collection is a relevant, important and evocative editorial offering, inspired by mental illness.

“Mental Illness touches every facet of society,” Sam shared. “The fashion industry has certainly not escaped from the effects of this devastating disease. Some even consider the arts and mental illness to be bedfellows as they are both sometimes inextricably linked – each one often considered to be ‘outside the box’. All my thoughts around this disease, that many of my family and friends have struggled with this year, creatively turned into the inspiration for my collection. I wanted to convey and illustrate my personal observation of the effects of mental illness and the inner turmoil associated with the disease, in an artistic way.”

The collection reveals contrasting textures and techniques made to showcase ‘turmoil of emotions’. The triangle shape anchors the collection, visually representing something that is stable when sitting on its base but unstable otherwise. Hair is sewn together at a myriad of angles to showcase this shape and suggest a frenetic energy.

“I played with contrasting textures again with the hair by using a wet slick backed look versus a dry deconstructed one together,” Sam shared. “To create conceptual consistency, I used triangles in the makeup and stying as well. Contrast and emotional confusion can also be seen via the focus on texture and movement in the hair, whilst the makeup and skin is like polished precision.”

Sculptural looks and a grungy overall feel ensure Sam keeps within the trends while representing these significant concepts, using upcoming trending techniques such as long ponytails, deconstructed braids and hair embellishments to ensure the collection stays artistically relevant.

Fashion-forward and emotionally significant – the Perfectly Broken collection is worth purveying.


Hairdresser, Colourist, Stylist: Sam James-Cockayne
Photographer: Haley Renee
Makeup Artist: Mandy Nash
Salon: ORBE, North Adelaide

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