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We’re calling out the SA/TAS winner at the recent Australian Hair Fashion Awards, Sam James Cockayne of ORBE North Adelaide, and her inspiring Suffragettes collection. Known to explore the important topics in her hair collection (see her mental illness inspired editorial creation for proof), this collection was motivated by relevant themes such as David Bowie, the current political climate and the women’s movement – all interpreted, recreated and passionately advocated for by Sam through hair.

“After Bowie’s passing last year, I spent a lot of time listening and looking back on his career,” Sam said. “I was watching a YouTube clip from the early 70s of Bowie performing the hit Suffragette City as his androgynous alter ego, Ziggy Stardust. I tried to find the meaning to the lyrics, which Bowie has never explained, and started reading about the incredible women of the Suffragette movement in the very early 1900s – who fought for the right for women to vote. A movement defined by extraordinary acts of daring and bravery from some totally fearless and truly remarkable women.”

In the heated political climate of the US, Sam realised that these women’s issues were still prevalent in many ways, and warranted editorial representation. Shot in an industrial port area of Port Adelaide, the collection showcases a tough, working class edge, minimal makeup with bold accents, DIY fashion and accessories and an overarching urban vibe. It then pairs this with a high fashion aesthetic.

“For the hair, I wanted dramatic and defined lines and shapes,” Sam shared. “The cutting was made up of varying bold lengths and layers to achieve an uneven and undone feel. I wanted to create contrast so I designed some elements of the hair sleek, while the rest was very disheveled and moving, yet highly stylised. I used loops and braiding to create a look of beautiful armour on a modern rebel.”

See the full collection below.


Collection Name: Suffragettes
Hair: Sam James-Cockayne
Winner, Australian Hair Fashion Awards South Australian Hairdresser of The Year
Salon: ORBE North Adelaide, South Australia
Photographer: Haley Renee Photography
Make Up Artists: Mandy Nash & Aleksandra Pinneri
Stylist: Cimon Vozzo

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