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11 reasons to build your profile by publishing worldwide

1] Recognition

Top hairdressing publishers know great work when they see it.   Getting the nod from them tells the world you are at the top of your craft.

2] Social Media Wow Factor

Post your clippings on social media to wow your clients.  They will feel good knowing they come to you for their haircare needs, and will be more likely to spread the word about your salon.

To help our clients get the most out of their international success, new Hair Shots 2 The World packages including social media content creation are now available.  We will create social media contents in line with your template or branding.

3] Show off your clippings IRL (in real life)

Show your media clippings in the salon by displaying your collection clippings on screens, or in a hard cover, coffee table book for your clients to peruse.

4] Recruitment

Attract enthusiastic staff who seek out high profile mentors in their bosses.  Getting published sends a big message to those wanting to work in a leading salon.

5] Build your professional profile via social media

When other hairdressers see your impressive work around the internet, it might lead to collaborations or learning experiences or exposure to product companies or other new opportunities.

6] Local media coverage about your international influence

Pitch an article to your local media about your international influence.  Millions of hairdressers and clients around the world will be looking at your work.  This works really well if you gain a couple of covers or big features.

7] Build salon culture

Your salon team may work harder and more creatively on a shoot if they know publication is likely to happen.

8] A portfolio

Keep a digital portfolio of your international media success to pitch for new jobs or freelance work.

9] Inspire Others – Become an influencer

Sharing your success on social media will help you build a following who look to you for inspiration.  This builds a fan base for those aiming to be hairdressing educators.

10] Build credibility

Getting published around the world gives you credibility as a hairdressing professional, recognised around the world.

11] Build personal and salon brand

Add a global aspect to your brand, showing you are up with the best.

For more information, please email Hair Shots 2 The World or call 03 9583 2001.