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Celebrity Stylists Tools Of Choice Revealed

Love the Art of Hair

The secret is out: The celebrity stylist’s scissor of choice is Zen Master!

There is a reason why more A-List Celebrity hairdressers and the hairdressers of the Royal Family use Zen Master Scissors over any other brand… it’s all about the blade shapes.


If you’re truly into the art of hair then you’ll want to take a close look at what Zen Master Scissors have to offer… Celebrity stylists from around the world have spotted the shapes of their blades and have contacted Australian designed, Zen Master Scissors directly to order their very own. The unique blade shapes allow them to be at the forefront of hair fashion with an ease and a comfort like never before…


Propeller shaped blades like that of the Zen Master Signature Scissor act as a push blade for keeping length, slicing and to act as a draw blade for precision cutting. The Damascus Emperor is perfect for absolute precision bobs, men’s cutting and so much more. It’s so sharp you can even use it as a razor on the back of the neck.

A-List celebrity hairdressers need tools they can absolutely rely on. After all, their clients are the highest paid, biggest names in the world and are continually in the media spotlight. If they trust Zen Master for their client’s hair, you can too.

  • The celebrities featured on this page are only a small portion of the dozens of high profile people that have their cut with Zen Master Scissors.


Zen Master Scissors are designed in Australia by Sam Papas, who has been a hairdresser and barber for over thirty years. Sam loves the art of hair and watches hair trends carefully and even forecasts what trends will be making a splash next. Sam designs scissors that assist the hairdresser to reproduce those styles with ease. Sam’s works with Japanese craftsman who uses age old techniques and modern ergonomic design to produce the very best scissors made with an extremely high quality steel. Sam is aware of taking care of the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder so all of the scissor designs are made with that in mind.


Master Ono


Princess Charlene of Monaco

Zen Master produces scissors for the beginner, intermediary and advanced cutters.

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