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Continue the Kerasilk Love Story

The Kerasilk Reconstruct range is the solution for stressed, damaged hair. This line is now complemented by the Split Ends Recovery Concentrate that seals split ends even after contact with water. The concentrate is based on keratin, color caring silk and Hyaloveil™. Split ends are given nourishing care and sealed with a protective layer. Hair gets a healthy shine and feels wonderfully supple.

The Kerasilk Repower range is designed for fine and limp hair. This line has been bolstered with the addition of the Volume Dry Shampoo. This is based on a new aerosol spray formula that cleanses while it refreshes fine, limp hair without any water and leaves no residue!

Both products are now part of the impressive Kerasilk range that is designed to provide exceptional results and long-lasting transformation into hair to fall in love with.

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