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VITAPLEX – Next Generation Damage Protection

Recently launched in Australia, Vitaplex is a new biomimetic hair treatment from A.S.P. that allows hairdressers to lighten and colour without compromising the integrity of the hair.


Utilising unique biomimetic technology allows Vitaplex to rebuild damaged hair the way nature intended. RAV19 Complex reconstructs the damaged areas of the keratin structure by replicating and replacing, in exact sequence and quantity, the 19 amino acids that can be destroyed during chemical services, effectively restoring the hair to its natural state.


The 3-Part system is designed to repair, strengthen and protect the hair from breakage during the colouring and lightening process and can also be used as a stand-alone treatment to repair previously damaged hair. After just one treatment, hair looks and feels significantly healthier, with restored strength, suppleness and volume.


01 Bond Protector helps protect the hair’s inner and outer structure from damage and breakage during the alkaline process. Compatible with all professional colour and lightening systems, simply add it to the formula. No extra development time is needed. It helps intensify colour results and boost lift without the need for a stronger developer. 01 Bond Protector is available in 75ml and 300 ml sizes.



02 Bond Reconstructor apply post-colouring or lightening to rebuild the hair structure. The fortifying formula with RAV19 Complex replaces lost amino acids, leaving the hair fibre strengthened and nourished, restoring health, suppleness and volume. 02 Bond Reconstructor is available in 200ml and 500 ml sizes.


03 Bond Preserver is a take-home strengthening treatment for clients to maintain the significantly improved health and condition of their hair. It includes RAV19 Complex to reinforce the action of 02 Bond Reconstructor and cationic molecules that help protect the cuticle from mechanical damage. 03 Bond Preserver is available in a 200 ml size.



In addition to open stock, Vitaplex is also available in Trial Kit (Approx 10 applications) Pro Salon Kits (Approx 50 + Applications) and Single Shots (1 Application). For more information, please visit