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10 Famous Hair Looks from Romantic Movies

Valentine’s Day is approaching (in case you didn’t know), which means this weekend is the time you’re most likely to spend watching romantic movies.

OK, we may have made that stat up, but it makes sense that this looming day of love will make your clients turn to the most iconic leading ladies of our favourite romantic films – for advice in their love life or even advice on style.

So in honour of this particularly romantic time of year, we’re here to document the most famous hair looks from romantic movies – get ready for a whole bunch of 90s nostalgia.

1. Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

It debuted 55 years ago, but Breakfast at Tiffany’s has never really been topped. Audrey Hepburn’s Holly Golightly was the epitome of glamour, as her elegant up style and, um, tiara shold make abundantly clear.


2. Julia Roberts in My Best Friend’s Wedding

Arguably the queen of the rom-com, Julia Robert’s big curls made their way from My Best Friend’s Wedding to Pretty Woman and beyond. We know she was competing with a very charming Cameron Diaz in this movie, but in reality, who could resist those curls?


3. Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally

An 80s comedy staple, When Harry Met Sally showed off Meg Ryan’s Farrah Fawcett-style feathered locks. Your clients will have what she’s having, in the salon (we immediately apologise for that joke).


4. Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail

What romantic movie list would be complete without two Meg Ryan’s? With her hair dramatically shorter hair in You’ve Got Mail Meg Ryan made the jump between style decades.


5. Demi Moore in Ghost

That pottery scene notwithstanding, Demi Moore’s very subversive pixie cut is one of the things we remember most from Ghost. In a genre of cascading curls and usually long locks, her chic short cut stands out.


6. Kate Winslet in Titanic

Yes, we’re all still very mad at Rose for leaving Jack to freeze in that ocean, despite the fact that they totally both could have fit on that door (Kate even admits it herself), but put your anger aside for aside for a moment to appreciate her perfect auburn curls – the exact cascading curls we just mentioned, done very right.


7. Rachel McAdams in The Notebook

Set in the 40s, Rachel McAdams’ Allie was the very picture of small-town vintage elegance – here’s pictorial proof if you’ve never been able to see her style properly through all the tears.


8.  Olivia Newton-John in Grease

Much like Danny, we became more partial to Sandy when she departed from her good old Sandra D style. These wild curls trump the demure ponytail any day.

1977 --- Olivia Newton-John in --- Image by © Alan Pappe/Corbis

9. Keira Knightley in Love Actually

Keira looked so good in this cult romantic film, she (spoilers) accidentally made her husband’s best friend fall in love with her. We’re blaming the hair.


10. Drew Barrymore in The Wedding Singer

Drew was another romantic comedy icon circa the 90s (the 90s really were the Golden Age of rom-coms). In The Wedding Singer, her cute bob was so good it almost distracted from Adam Sandler’s awful 80s mullet. Almost.


There’s some true romantic royalty on this list – the leading ladies your clients will be only too happy to emulate once they finish their Valentine’s Day weekend movie binge (it’s a thing).

Happy Valentine’s Day, stylists!

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