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Urban Tribe Sponsor Undress Runway 2016

Opening the eyes of the Brisbane community to sustainable and ethical fashion, the Undress Runway has for more than six years put this emerging city on the map – a fashion statement that haircare brand Urban Tribe has mastered, writes Cameron Pine.


Undress Runways take the eloquence of fashion and give it a conscience. Opening the eyes of our local fashion following to the world of ethical collections, wearable technology, zero-waste design, smart textiles and couture made from recycled off-cuts, urban tribe’s global fashion ethos was in full swing as Hair Director Geoffrey Herberg took more than 40 models to the runway.

The mantra behind Undress Runway is that if you don’t know where it was made, what it was made from or where it will end up, take it off. For an off-fashion season scheduled show and when the consumer is in a spring fashion frenzy, Brisbane proved why it can hold its own with the world’s bigger fashion capitals with a fusion of future, fashion and design in one event that celebrates an ethical textile industry. Urban Tribe brand manager Hannah Bebb said, “We’re really proud to be partnering with such a well-respected event, a great achievement for what some people say is ‘little old Brisbane’.”

“Urban Tribe is a brand that is born into fashion so it’s our focus for the brand and partner salons moving forward to get them involved in fashion as much as possible. They’ve done an amazing job with the event, having confirmed Tesla cars and the Alex Perry hotel as partners it’s very exciting for Brisbane,” Hannah said.


More than 350 people lined up to enter the futuristically lit showground space and while fashion was the drawcard, celebrating fast cars – of the electric kind, and drones to capture digital moments like never before you’d be forgiven for thinking the idea behind the event was more entertainment arcade than recycled fashion cuts – whichever way you looked at it, there’s not many fashion shows that keep guests by the runway for more than two hours.

“Sustainable and ethical fashion is paving the way for the fashion industry. This year we have incorporated technology – the future of fashion technology will propel our industry,” said Edda Hamar, Undress Runway founder.

“Models, designers and people like you and me can change this industry and make it positive and respectful. Sustainable and smart textiles are worth celebrating,” she said.


Just like the events’ theme of diversity and sustainability, Geoffrey worked on hair that was inspired by ‘Louis Vuitton and Lanvin’ – merging luxury with sustainability thanks to a swag of Urban Tribe products fresh off the European runways.

“We’ve chosen two different looks for the girls, a loose, more lived-in pony and a second more polished pulled back look of a straight and paired back silhouette to keep the focus on the fashion. The boys who really aren’t wearing much for the most part of the runway – it was all about a slick wet look using 07.1 super glue – one for the strongest hold glue’s I’ve ever used,” Geoffrey said.

“Having worked with Urban Tribe in Europe on the trends for 2017, for us it’s now about creating a fashion team that can work on events such as this to really showcase the key elements of the brand,” Geoffrey said.

The first look of Low Key Chic is about hair being simple and understated – inspired by the sport luxe trend, it’s a modern twist on the ponytail – loosely secured and held in place with an almost-invisible elastic.


The second Prim and Polished look is all about simplistic and paired back style, drawn back at the sides and secured at the back of the head with a veil like look over the top. Hair was smoothed to perfection and Milan runway ready.

The 50s Slick hair embodied the men’s look. Referencing leading fashion and design houses, this look was all about adding shine and sleekness to a look that has transcended decades. The guys hair was all smooth and ironed out with a clean side part.

Aligning perfectly with the values of fresh and functional haircare brand Urban Tribe – the relationship is heavily buried in the ethos of fashionable haircare products that are also completely ecological. Born on the streets of New York, Brisbane’s Showgrounds were transformed into an environment akin to a New York warehouse, complete with drones and tesla cars on display.


Urban Tribe care about the health as well as the beauty of hair. The extensive line of delicate haircare is free of sulphates, salts and parabens and is made using ingredients that protect the structure of the hair without effecting the hair’s integrity, colour or no colour.

So next time you need to mix a bit of fashion with your care and a bit of haircare with your fashion, look no further than Australia’s freshest tribe of hair fashion products and people – Urban Tribe.

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