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The evolution of an industry leader


Borne By Nature

Seen as the leading professional organic brand in Australian salons EverEscents has consistently set the standard and led the way for others to follow.  Now we see the fabric of the EverEscents brand as it evolves to the next generation of Organic haircare products.

EverEscents is a family business based in Queensland and much loved for the ethical, open and honest approach of manufacturing a range of products that are beautiful, sustainable and effective.  The EverEscents brand welcomes and inspires people of all ages to indulge in the senses and experience the benefits of premium quality hair care products that are hand crafted with only the best possible ingredients.  Nothing toxic, nothing synthetic, no nonsense!

EverEscents is passionate about “truth in labelling” and therefore ensures every product contains at least 75% and up to 90% Certified Organic ingredients and is clearly shown on the label.  Salon owners must be careful of other brands claiming to be Organic when in fact they may only contain 10% Organic ingredients, or less!  Ask your suppliers for evidence of the ingredients used and don’t be fooled by clever and flashy marketing.

Organic ingredients have been proven to contain powerful properties that can provide amazing results.  When switching from chemical-based hair products to Organic hair products, you can be sure that not only are they safe and toxin-free, they also perform to a professional standard.


Go Organic and Go Australian

The EverEscents research and development team has discovered many new and innovative ways to develop modern product formulas that have been hand crafted in the laboratory of our Certified Organic factory in Queensland.

EverEscents is certified Australian Made and Australian Owned and even the stylish new packaging was designed and made in Australia from raw materials sourced in Australia.  Other products that are shipped across the ocean and pass through many warehouses before they reach the salon create such a large carbon footprint that outweighs any of their environmental initiatives.


Ethical & Cruelty Free is not a fad

The demand for cruelty free, ethical and Vegan products is growing rapidly and for ten years EverEscents has shown the way for other brands to follow.  EverEscents absolutely does not test on animals and is certified by Choose Cruelty Free Australia.  This topic is easily faked and salon owners are warned to look out for brands claiming to be cruelty free yet cannot support it with a certification.  EverEscents is also 90% Vegan Friendly and does not use any palm oil or other ingredients that are not fair trade.


It’s easy to stock the beautiful range of EverEscents Organic Hair Care products in your salon, with no minimum order commitments and no need to change your colour brand.  Becoming a truly Organic hair salon with the leading brand gives you the confidence that you are offering your clients something special and not something misleading.  Make the change today…your clients, your team and the environment will thank you for it!

EverEscents Organic Hair Care…Pure, Organic, Australian.  Borne By Nature.