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11 Things Every Hairdresser Does When They Get Home From The Salon

When you’re a hairdresser, it’s easy to get lost in the fact that salon equals life – and as much as you may love cutting hair, bonding with your clients, making colour dreams come true and working with your fellow next-level hairdressers, coming home at the end of the day is always nice too. We’re focusing on the sweet seconds after you leave the salon door, and finally have time to eat, sit down and simply exist without the never-ending presence of hair in your underwear. What a time to be alive.

Which of these moments define your too-short home life when you leave the salon?

1. First, leaving the salon, with so many clients needing your attention, can be an obstacle in itself.

2. But once you’ve mastered that, and finally made your way home, you’re likely to just collapse when you get in the door.

3. The fridge may be your first stop, after a day where coffee substituted for lunch.

4. And hygiene is a main priority – if not to wash the colour off every part of your body (lest you look like a murderer, or a smurf)…

5. Then just to empty the hair out of your underwear.

6. Really, after standing for eight hours, you’re content with just sitting down.

7. And talking to loved ones, after conversing with your clients all day, is sometimes just not an option.

8. If you’re going out, you’ll dig inside your wardrobe for any colourful clothing you may own.

(But let’s be honest, it’s pretty much all salon-black.)

9. And no matter where you’re going, you’ll never have the time (or energy) to actually do your own hair.

All that skill going to waste.

10. Try as you might, you can’t stop judging the hair of everyone around you.

Whether you’re in the salon or not, you can’t help but feel that you Must. Fix. Everything.

11. But don’t worry about those salon cravings, just know you’ll wake up tomorrow to do it all again.

What’s your favourite part about coming home from the salon?

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