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Join the Sunlights Balayage REVOLUTION!

Masterminded by Candy Shaw, aka The Balay Lama, and using her convenient balayage in a box system – The Balay Box – you’ll learn useful techniques including Brosse, Crochet and Comb. Candy Shaw’s revolutionary Balayage style is fast, fun and profitable!

Learn how to increase salon revenue quickly and easily, as The Balay Box can make you up to $3,400 to $8,500 in profit, depending on your salon prices!  And with a convenient three hour class, you’ll be out the door and painting hair in no time!

Why Balayage? Once you learn how, you can paint a whole head in ten minutes!  Traditional foils can take up to an hour or more.   Because of this, you can service clients quickly and efficiently, improving your salon’s bottom line! Balayage services are at a premium because of the enduring trend but the trend isn’t going anywhere.  In fact, it’s been around since the 1970s!  Balayage is also more fun than repetitive foil highlights, the hair is your canvas and you are the artist!

Look n Learn classes are being held around Australia to showcase Candy’s ingenious Balayage techniques, and the unique Sunlights lightener, created by Candy especially for balayage.

So join us and start painting your way to financial freedom!

Tickets start at $99, or you can upgrade to the $195 package, including The Balay Box which is valued at $159.95!  Book up to one week in advance, lunch and light refreshments included.

To view dates, times and locations visit our Sunlights Balayage Australia Events Facebook Page –

To register call Janelle on (02) 9666 3611 or email