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Bi™ Dryer… The world’s first drop resistant hairdryer!

The Italian made Ceriotti Bi dryer the world’s first drop resistant professional hairdryer.
Light weight, 2200 watt motor, 2 speed , 4 temperatures including a cool shot button.
Bi™ Dryer is designed tough and reliable for busy industry professionals.

Bi™ is equipped with the patented technology Tryosystem™, developed and deposited by Ceriotti, a unique series of features that make the hairdryer
1) more powerful and efficient than ever before, with +25% airflow and over 2000h of lifespan
2) resistant to shocks and accidental falls
3) self-cleaning, preventing the impurities to penetrate inside the dryer

Power, reliability, robustness and ease of use are just a couple of the revolutionary aspects of this new tool. Available in 6 colours : Bi™ is the new benchmark, Bi™ is the future, now!

Air capacity 102/120 m3/h
Long Life Motor AC
True Cold Shot
2 Speed, 4 Temp
No EMC emission
Power 2200/2500W
Ergonomic Grip
Made in Italy.

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For further information contact Joiken 02 87810123.