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This Colourist Creates Optical Illusions In Rainbow Hair

Meet your new Instagram obsession (like you needed another one) – colourist Roxie Jane Hunt is going viral for her bold colour work, which includes optical illusions, images and a recurring rainbow theme (as in actual rainbows, not just bright colours) in hair.

Easter Egg Haircolorvibez???? #freeyourhaircolor

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In the market place of interesting hair colour accounts on social media, Roxie is standing out from the crowd with her unique designs (and the frequency of her diverse, colourful posts), amassing almost 40,000 followers and putting her in the headlines with publications such as Allure and Teen Vogue.

That Bubble Experiment? #freeyourhaircolor

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Roxie is a Creative Director and hairdresser, using her skills and creative ideas to make a name for herself in the competitive social media sphere.

??? #freeyourhaircolor

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Browse, appreciate, get some ideas and create your own social media works to maybe become your own brand of Insta-famous (and at the very least, have a lot of fun).

That Rainbow Shineline? @lunartideshair #freeyourhaircolor

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